Thursday, 30 April 2009

A Political Manifest in front of Denmark’s Parliament organized by Committee for Support of Sufis&Students

Freedom-lovers, Human Rights activists and Democracy seeker Iranians, had a political manifest in front of Denmark’s Parliament yesterday 29Th April 2009. By holding a banner, spreading fliers, and collecting signatures they demand release of Political prisoners from Notorious jails such as Evin and elsewhere and also declare their disgust against violations of HUMAN RIGHTS in Iran by It’s mullacracy government.

In an interview, They also declare and demand release of religious minorities such as Sunnis, Sufis, Behaiis, Reporters, Students and Others from torture and prisons. This group is going to continue its political manifest until release of prisoners from Mullah jails, respect of Universal Human Rights , Brotherhood, Equality, Freedom, Liberalism and True DEMOCRACY in Iran

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