Thursday, 30 April 2009

A Political Manifest in Amsterdam in Holland Organized by the Committee for support of Sufis&Students

Amsterdam, according to an exclusive report from Inside of Iran, a political manifest was carry out at the Dam Square, on Saturday 18Th April 2009 from 12:00 to 16:00pm. The aim of this political manifest was a demand for releasing Students, Reporters and Sufi detainees from Mullah jails and also a stop for demolition of gathering places and violation of Universal Human Rights and suppression of religious minorities in Iran. The committee of defence of Students and Sufi rights in Holland declared also if the pressure and suppression against Sufis, students, Sunnis and other minorities does not come to an end it will carry out similar manifestations again.

The Committee activists and also human right activists by holding a banner, spreading fliers and flowers, and collecting signatures demand release of Political Prisoners from notorious jails such as Evin and elsewhere and also declare their disgust against violation of HUMAN RIGHTS in Iran by It’s mullacracy government

In an interview with radio Zamaneh, the speaker also declared and demand an end to oppression of religious minorities and release of Political Perisoners from torture and prisons. This group is going to continue its political manifest until release of all prisoners from Mullah jails, respect of Universal Human Rights, Brotherhood, Equality, Freedom, Liberalism and True DEMOCRACY in Iran.

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