Tuesday, 5 May 2009

11 Students and 5 students of Amir-Kabir University where released from Evin Prison.

the committee for freedom of Sufi and students announced that at 11 p.m. local time, on 5th of May 2009, 11 Sufis and 5 students of Amir Kabir universities who were arrested illegally were freed. The freed Sufis were:

1. Mohammed Ali Taban,
2. Firouz Bedabad
3. Gholam Ali Baghstani,
4. Mohammed Hamrahi,
5. Reza Shali,
6. Nasser Popy,
7. Payman Amraie,
8. Abufazl Salehie,
9. Hamid Rahmani,
10. Heshmat-allah Vafie,
11. Abdulmanf Gholamy.
Currently there are still four remaining Sufi being held illegally of the original 15 who were arrested. The remaining illegally imprisoned Sufis are:
Moslem Sanaat-Parast,
Yadallah Shams Khani,
Mechiel Ghorbany,
Esmail Sanaat-Parast
In addition to the 11 freed suits on the previous day 5 students of Amir Kabir universities were also set free.
1. Esmail Salmanpour,
2. Nariman Mastoufy,
3. Yasar Turkman,
4. Koroush Daneshyar,
5. Hussein Turkashavand.

The committee for freedom of Sufis and students will continue its protest against all arrests that are in violation of individual human rights. It will also continue to highlight threats that violate individual freedom. This committee sees all these violations of human rights as affront to Islamic values stated in the Koran, and will continue its struggle to free the remaining prisoners and to bring forth all violations of human rights, threats and tortures that are carried out by the Iranian regime to the attention of world press and authorities.

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