Saturday, 6 March 2010

Open Letter to the department of justice in Iran

Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Larijani

With greetings

More than one year have passed since the destruction of the Shiite Muslims prayer house belonging to the followers of Nematollahi Gonabadi and the surrounding cemetery in Isfahan. This heinous act to is not only disrespect to the prayer house of the Shiites, but also disrespect to the Muslim cemetery in the famous city of Isfahan (half the world). Insulting news and photos related to this event in have spread through international media and have been translated in Greek, English, Turkish, French, Arabic, Persian and ... This event have not been looked into by the officials in the Islamic Republic and have brought further shame to the ninth regime.

Since justice had lost its meaning in the system during Mr. Mahmoud Hashemi Shahrudi as the head of the justice department, the voice of the Sufi Dervisches was not heard by the government and all attemts to take action according to the laws of the Islamic Republic faild and this led to the Sufis beeing more oppressed than ever! Inevitably members, supporters, and those interested in the "The International Committee in Defence of Daravish and Students of Iran" to arouse and spread the public opinion around the world (especially for Muslims living in western countries) and have worked for this and held demonstrations and marches and sit-ins in various cities throughout Europe and America and Canada, and have expand awareness around the globe and made contact to relevant authorities in the section of human rights and the international communities.

To have praying houses and to be buried in the cemetery in the city one lives, and preserve the sanctity of these places are basic rights of citizenship all around the world countries and international conventions and agreements related to these cases have been signed by "The Islamic Republic" and inevitably "the regime" is obliged to comply and act according with these cases and otherwise, the international community will ask questions demanding answers from Iran and we witnessed an exampel of this in the Geneva meeting with your brother Mr. Mohammad Javad Larijani.

And for these reasons we request of you as a new steersman in the department of justic to make the right choices and to restore these forgotten rights of the Nematollahi Gonabadi Sufis and to hand out neccesary and urgent orders, especially the reconstruction of the praying house of the Nematollahi Gonabadi Sufi Dervisches in the cemetary of “Takhte Foulad” in Esfahan and the tomb beside it belonging to the late “Mr. Izad Goshap – Darvisch Naser Aly”.

We like to inform you that the members, supporters and those interested in " The International Committee in Defence of Daravish and Students of Iran " will - if all that is requested in not put to action in the end of this year - to make new movments in the new year in a chain of coordinated actions spreading the truth, including sit-ins and hunger strikes in front of the Agency's offices, embassies, businesses and banks buildings affiliated to the regime of Iran around the world, and also hold protests and hand out flyers in front of popular buildings in various, as well as spreading the awareness with meetings, inviting news sections and the famouse international names in various fields. Necessary measures will be taken in order to attract the public opinion to protect the rights of dervishes, to denounce and condemn the perpetrators and the cause for these un-human behaviors.

The Light that shines on the way for the supporters of the " The International Committee in Defence of Daravish and Students of Iran", is the word of the The great third Imam of Shiite Muslims, “Hossein son of Aly” that "even if you do not have any religion, at least be humans"

God is behind those fighting for peace and justice

The International Committee in Defence of Daravish and Students of Iran

Brussels - Washington - Toronto

15 Esfand 1388
Tuesday, second of Mars, 2010

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