Friday, 6 March 2009

An Open Letter from the Committee for Defence of Rights of Sufis and Iranian Students

What Do They Have in Their Minds for Dervishes?

According to the latest news, Judicial and the Intelligence apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran have begun releasing more than 8500 of the Nematollahi Gonabadi Sufis who have been detained in the Evin prison in Tehran, since Saturday February 22nd 2009.

Sufis driving licenses were taken, salary stubs were withheld along with their birth certificates. They had to submit to a legal oat consent and agreement that they shall appear before the judge, and in some cases a bail, close to100 millions of Tomans, were set before they release. However, there are thirty other Sufis remain in solitary confinement in Section 240 in the Evin prison.

The Dervishes have been interrogated repeatedly and systematically and tortured severely. The inhuman treatments of these innocent Sufis resulted in a sudden heart attack for Mr. Ali Akbar Bonakdarpour who was rushed to the intensive care unit by his tormentors. The rest of the people who are being held in single cells are denied contacts and visitation by their family members and are being brutally mistreated.

The lawyers have not been granted permission to meet with their clients since their arrests. The Sufis are being held without committing any crimes or any wrongdoings what so ever and they are not being told why they have been arrested for.

Unfortunately, we do not have access to the complete list of the names of people in prison, but those who were recently released, have provided us the following names:

Ali Bonakdar
Hasan Kashani
Parviz Shams
Firouz Bidabad
Behrouz Bidabad
Amin Karampour
Mohammad Sadegh Moradi Sarvestani
Mehdi Dajm
Sayf Abadi
Mohammad Ali Taban
Ismael Sanatparast
Mehrdad Sanatparast
Mikhail Ghorbani
Ahmad Jamali
Heshmatallah Vafaie Shoar
Mohhamad Hamrahi
Abufazl Salehi
Mehrdad Karami
Hamid Nazari

The Objectives of Torture and Interrogation of Sufis:

The first goal of detention and questioning of the jailed Sufis is to obtain information.

The second goal is using the procedure called “Tavab Sazi”. This approach of forced interrogation is designed by the Intelligence apparatus to fabricate lies and plan a scheme by compiling false confessions in the name of the detained Sufis, in order to make a case against the Gonabadi Dervishes. Eventually, this will further their plan to wipe out Sufism from Iran.

The third goal is implementing a detailed plan for shattering and destroying the activities of all the non-profit organizations affiliated with the Nematollahi Gonabadi Sufi path.. The arrest and the torture of Mr. Ali Akbar Bonakdarpour in this case clearly demonstrate the official interrogators intent to find out more about the charitable and non- profit “Reza Organization”.

The fourth goal is to put a stop to all the web sites and the internet activities related to the Sufis. The police and the Intelligence services have failed in their repeated attempts to stop the internet sites by filtering, hacking and blocking methods. In order to compensate their unsuccessful attempts at sabotage in these matters, the Intelligence group continue to arrest and torture those whom they think are responsible. They are trying to find a clue as who the sources behind the internet web sites are.

Due to their ignorance, they will not succeed in their deceitful ways. Sufis’ actions are based on their true faith and their responsibilities toward spreading the True and Spiritual Islam. This struggle will not be stopped by harassing and detaining Sufis. Hundreds and thousands will step forward, raise the flag of true Islam, and walk on the path of God.

The Committee for Defense of Rights of Sufis and Iranian Students calls all the International Human Rights Organizations to join forces and support us for the immediate release of the these innocent Sufis imprisoned by the government.

The Committee for Support of Rights of Sufis and students

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